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What working with me looks like…

With tangible, research-backed frameworks, including Bruce D Schneider’s transformational Core Energy Coaching™ model and ground-breaking Energy Leadership Index™ assessment, you’ll undoubtedly live and lead more consciously and courageously – and you’ll get to know yourself, learn to overcome the obstacles that arise and understand what makes you beautifully unique.

I’ll show you how to see what you cannot see, not because I know better than you. Quite the contrary. As a personal development coach, my job is to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you & support you:

  • Unlock a deeper understanding of your interpretation of yourself and the world, particularly in your role as a leader.
  • Get to meet the real you that can guide you to your purpose.
  • Become aware of the small details that can transform your life today.
  • Identify the obstacles that hinder your journey towards greater joy and fulfillment.
  • Gauge your strengths & opportunities for growth as a courageous leader
  • Discover & leverage the areas in which you’re more open and fearless.
  • Make the shifts & changes that create the ideal image to embody your perfect vision of leadership.
  • Become a more conscious & courageous leader.

Remember, you are unique, therefore you have a unique purpose and road to walk. 

Together we will find it and combine it with your special skills, talents, passions and desires to mechanically engineer a better and more fullfilled life We will bring your personal growth to the next level.

This is how I can support you

Life Coaching

Unlock your true potential and gain clarity on your life's purpose. Our personalized coaching sessions will help you set meaningful goals, overcome obstacles, create a roadmap for your success, and understand your true power.

Leadership Coaching

Develop the skills and mindset necessary to become an effective and inspiring leader. We will work together to enhance your leadership abilities, build strong teams, and create a positive impact in your organization or community.

Energy Leadership Index

Understand the filters you've developed and how they are influencing your life and work. Uncover the thinking and perceptions that might be creating stress or holding you back from achieving your goals, success, and overall satisfaction within your life.

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